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Whipser is a very simple password manager at the moment. This project is not to give the best protection for passwords or the most advanced techniques of storing information it is simply to provide access to passwords as user friendly and with little setup as possible.

Whipser has two modes, Edit and View, and each of those modes has a master password which is used to log everyone into the database.

I know this seems unsecure but all changes made to the databases and logging in and logging out events are recorded using the users windows logon credentials (I'm trying to do away with logon details).


View Mode:
The user is given a search window where they can search for any given password, except they are limited to 10 results, this is designed to make it harder for people that should not be viewing the passwords to find what they are looking for.

Edit Mode:
Pretty much speaks for itself...

Current Features 0.12 (BETA)
Create new database, add existing database and login
Add, edit, rename (Groups)
Add, edit, rename, move to group, generate random (Passwords)
Search (Edit user and View User)
Import passwords via CSV
Better database manager (you can have multiple databases but you can remove them from your list easily)
Active Directory permissions (you must be a member of a group to view groups)

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